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conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Aras / Prenscia
26/10/2021 15:30 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Room: E
15:35 – 16:15 Aras sponsor presentation Introducing Systems Thinking in a Large Product Development Organization Through the Digital Thread One important component of Digital Transformation is the Digital Thread which is only amplified when put in the context of Systems Thinking. Digital Thread is key to Systems Thinking since it enables traceability of the design intent, design data, and design history across all lifecycle stages. Listen to Ernesto Mottola of Toyota Motor Europe on how they are introducing Systems Thinking through the Digital Thread. Malcolm Panthaki, Tim Keer (Aras), Ernesto Mottola (Toyota Motor Europe) 16:15 – 16:55 HBM/HBK Prenscia sponsor presentation Prenscia – an HBK brand Prenscia is a strategic segment of Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer (HBK). Prenscia helps engi-neers deliver durable and reliable products and avoid the cost of unexpected failures. Its software brands for durability and reliability (nCode and ReliaSoft) empower data-driven confidence through accurate analysis and simulation; enabling customers to achieve suc-cess through failure prediction. Prenscia - Empowering engineers through assurance, integrity, and innovation HBK Test and Measurement is the technology and market leader and offers products and services for an extensive range of measurement applications in many industries. Users worldwide rely on the perfectly matched components of the complete measurement chain that guarantees maximum accuracy of measurement results and enables optimization of the complete product life cycle: from the development through the testing stages, as well as in manufacturing and production. HBK's product range covers sensors, transducers, strain gauges, amplifiers, and data ac-quisition systems as well as software for structural durability investigations, tests, and analysis. The potential fields of application can be found in every branch of engineering and industry in both virtual and physical test and measurement. The session shows an overview of HBK, the capabilities of Prenscia products and a live software presentation of a fatigue process using data of our lecture: Vervoort, S., “Influ-ence of the additive manufacturing process on CAE-based life estimations of a medical application”. S. Vervoort (Senior Technical Software Expert – Prenscia)