Metals Material Modelling

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conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Training: Metals Material Modelling (Plasticity, creep, welding)
25/10/2021 11:30 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Room: E
Adib Becker (NAFEMS Technical Fellow, GBR)
Adib Becker (NAFEMS Technical Fellow, GBR)
Finite Element software has been extensively used over many decades to simulate the behaviour of metallic engineering structures with impressive accuracy. However, when simulating metal applications involving highly non-linear features such as extensive plasticity, very high temperatures, welding and material damage, the analyst should keep in mind that there are limitations to the capabilities of the simulation software in modelling these problems. This course is extracted from 3 NAFEMS eLearning short courses (6 hours each) on “Metals Material Modelling”. FE simulations of some advanced non-linear metal behaviour involving plasticity, creep and welding are presented. Mathematical derivations will not be covered. The session will highlight the potential challenges faced by the FE analyst and the limitations of FE software.