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conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Gold Sponsor: Cadence
27/10/2021 15:25 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Room: C
O. Thiry, B. Gu, Y. Baux (Cadence, BEL)
O. Thiry, B. Gu, Y. Baux (Cadence, BEL)
Accelerating System Design with Multiphysics Simulation Software System design advancements in 5G, automotive, data center, and IoT are driving faster and smarter electronic solutions. Cadence’s Clarity™ 3D Solver and Celsius™ Thermal Solver are bringing in a new era of massively parallel system-level multiphysics simulation solution delivering unparalleled capacity and performance to efficiently analyze large system structures by distributing the simulation over 1,000s of CPU cores, either on-premises or over a cloud. Presented by Ben Gu, Vice President of R&D, Cadence OMNIS for the Automotive Industry - from Design to Optimization in One Dedicated Multiphysics Environment Accelerated product development at a reduced cost through automated CFD simulation The automotive industry is remaking itself in an era of technological transformation that is revolutionizing mobility and vehicle design. Cadence helps engineers accelerate product development, enhance vehicle performance, and optimize fuel consumption and durability. Presented by Olivier Thiry, Sr. Product Engineering Manager, Cadence