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conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Connecting Two Worlds through Leadership: NAFEMS-INCOSE Partnership
26/10/2021 17:30 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Room: B
Our world is becoming highly connected and increasingly interdependent, accelerated through the advancement of enabling digital technologies in communications, remote sensors, data analytics, artificial intelligence, to name a few. It is therefore highly beneficial for on-going collaboration between NAFEMS and INCOSE to embrace these challenges, bringing our expertise in systems, systems engineering, and modelling and simulation together to move forward. This collaboration starts at the leadership level of both organisations and propagates to joint working group activities. During this sessions, the panel will outline some of the activities we are focusing on to prepare for the future. Topics include our future vision, the urban infrastructure challenge, simulation governance, and the challenge of tomorrow’s verification and validation activities. The panel will be moderated by Ron Carson and comprises senior members of the leadership teams of both organisations: Kerry Lunney (INCOSE President) Garry Roedler (INCOSE Past-President) Tom McDermott (INCOSE Strategic Integration) Tim Morris (NAFEMS Chief Executive) Ian Symington (NAFEMS Technical Officer) Rod Dreisbach (NAFEMS/INCOSE SMS WG)