Automotive Discussion 3

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conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Automotive Panel Discussion 3
28/10/2021 10:35 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Room: A
Discussion topics Automotive 2 - Prototyping – Valuable knowledge or misleading information? [Experience exchange – In which cases are prototypes less confident] - Your product behaves differently – What to do? [Management of varying results] - Combination of known and unknown - Artificial Intelligence in simulation with limited amount of training data Automotive 3 - What does Virtual Simulation impact Automotive Mass Production. Product design, manufacturing efficiencies,…?? - How does system digital thread best used for vehicle performance simulation? - What simulation methods are best used to model and drive automotive sensor operation and design? - How to make CAE analysis for automotive development robust enough to eliminate physical testing? - Incorporation of DFSS? - Integration of AI/ML? - Establishing a total System Engineering process through use of MBSE? - Integration of simulation in both design and manufacturing space? Automotive - Crash Crash simulations are CPU intensive, what advances are needed to fasten the computation time? With so much crash data available (test and CAE) is AI/Machine Learning a good alternative to reduce the computation time? What are the major gaps in crash simulation technology that once in place will provide drastic reduction in physical testing? Invited panelists: M. Felice (virsolTech Engineering Consulting, USA) - Moderator W. Dirschmid (Consultant, DEU) S. Stadler (Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik, AUT) T. Pohl (Stellantis, Opel Automobile, GER) J. Noack (ZF Group - ZF Active Safety, DEU) Invited presenters: Automotive 2&3 / Crash