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17:35 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Creating Connections: Enabling High Performance Computing for Industry through a Data Exchange & Workflow Platform
27/10/2021 17:35 conference time (CEST, Berlin)
Room: G
J. Schüssler, J. Grimm (SSC-Services GmbH, DEU)
J. Schüssler, J. Grimm (SSC-Services GmbH, DEU)
SSC-Services GmbH (SSC) is developing a secure data exchange and transfer platform within the Centre of Excellence in Engineering (EXCELLERAT) to ease the use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources and make data transfer more efficient. Nowadays, organisations and industrial partners face various issues while dealing with HPC calculations, HPC in general or even the access to HPC resources. In many cases, calculations are too complex and potential users do not have the required expertise to benefit from HPC technologies without support. SSC deals with this topic while this challenge has been taken on. The developed Data Exchange and Workflow Portal will be able to simplify or even eliminate these obstacles. The new platform enables users to access easily the two HLRS clusters, Hawk and Vulcan, from any authorised device and to run their simulations remotely. In the future, further data centres will also be connected to the platform. With the help of the platform, users do not have to use command-line tools to manage their simulations, run them and retrieve the results, which requires a lot of training or support effort on the part of the HPC, especially for inexperienced users. The added value for the industrial customer is for example the reduction of HPC complexity due to web frontend which leads to a higher HPC customer retention due to less complex HPC environment. Furthermore, calculations can be started from anywhere with a secure connection. There are also time and cost savings due to a high degree of automation that simplifies the process chain. In cooperation with various pilot partners from the industry, the platform prototype is undergoing various tests regarding its suitability, starting with the German Federal Institute for Population Research as the first learning project with real productive use. All user requirements and feedbacks are incorporated into further development and optimization to offer the greatest possible added value for future users from different areas like automotive, aerospace, energy and manufacturing areas. The presentation will briefly introduce the EXCELLERAT project, address the challenges faced by industrial HPC users and present solutions through different use cases. Dialogs with experts and potential pilot partners will also be sought to capture their needs and to be able to include the required competencies in the further course of the project and in the further development of the platform.
Data Transfer, Data Management, Data Reduction, Automatisation, Simplification